Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hey SAPS team, 
    Sorry for no updates yesterday. I've been sick and didn't go in to work yesterday. I thought I'd update you guys on that and some other things. First off, this week I'm going to send another newsletter that hopefully everybody will get this week. I'll discuss some of the things going on with SAPS and some of my plans. 
    Second, nobody has sent me an email about themselves to put up on the site. I'll probably end up making stuff up about everybody for the site that I can change if somebody isn't satisfied with their descriptions. I've talked to a few people but I'll keep working on it and get more info about everybody. Also, I was wondering if the team would like pictures up with their descriptions. This is something that I've been wondering, so everybody please let me know what you think about the idea. I was thinking maybe some funny pics of ourselves, e.g. someone looking for a ghost while an apparition is behind them reaching for them or someone engaged in a full run ("Dude, run!"). If nobody likes that, we can do normal pictures if you even want pictures. Leave comments and tell me what you think.
    Also, I don't know how long I'll be able to update the site in the upcoming weeks as my boss is leaving and I don't know if I'll have the internet for much longer. I'll hopefully get somebody to post things to the blog while I can't. Also, Larry and I will be visiting the Virginia SAPS members next week for a couple of weeks, so I may not post a whole lot to the site. I will pick up where I left off when we get back. 
    Everyone keep in touch and let me know how I'm doing. I can't do this without you guys.

Until next time, 
Keep your eyes open and look for what is out there


Momma Pug said...


I can totally photoshoppe the pics.

Anonymous said...

I like everything you have done!! I really like the pictures idea. It would be fun.. Auntie