Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Somewhat of an Update

Ok Guys and Gals,
      Here is the promised update for anybody who may have read this beyond myself. I've told one person about the blog and they were supposed to tell others. So if anybody from SAPS reads this, please contact me by leaving a comment or email me or call. I'd like to know somebody is checking up on this. 
      Right now I'm going to discuss a couple of things I've got planned for this site and SAPS's internet presence. I'm planning on starting an email with information on SAPS and our mission. If anyone reads this and wants to be added, please leave a comment. I have some of the members' emails but not everybody. The email won't be much but will hopefully have everybody in the group's contact email address so others can contact them. 
      I'm working on the blog right now, getting everything nice and pretty, ha. I'm gonna work on getting us a banner with SAPS on it, and will most likely get help from some of our more experienced members. I've figured out how to add pictures and video to the blog using Blogger's features. I've even figured out how to add other authors to the blog. I really want other people to post on this blog and am very interested in adding other authors soon. If you want to be an author of this blog, please contact me. My only condition is that you must be a serious poster. Nothing too far off topic. You must also be a member of SAPS or have someone from SAPS vouch for you to me. That's pretty much it as far as that goes. 
      I'm planning on starting looking into things we will need for investigation and other things. I'm also planning on looking into places for investigation around southern Mississippi. 
      These are some things that I've got planned for the blog. I'd eventually like to get our own website in addition to a blog for information about our organization. Everyone please comment or contact me.
Until next time,
Keep your eyes open and look for what is out there

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