Friday, March 27, 2009

The Surge

I have told very few people about this story. But decided to share it with you. It was a very psychic experience. I have had them many times in my life, but none with such accuracy as this. As with most paranormal experiences there is no way of knowing for sure what is reality and what is not. But this experience was very real to me.

Like many others, I experienced Hurricane Katrina and all of her wrath. At the time though, I was living about 100 miles north of New Orleans. The entire time she came through, I was thinking about my beloved Mississippi Gulf Coast. It has always been home. And it and the people are where my heart is and will always be.After the storm had passed we went outside. That night was hot and muggy without air. The wind still whistled and it sounded like voices floating on the breeze.

I thought of the many people who had lost their lives and how an entire part of the state had changed forever.Over the next few days we all watched as the news crews began to show the devasation. It was absolutely heart breaking to see. I had nightmares many nights and was very depressed about my Gulf Coast. The thing that saddened me the most was the loss of Marine Life Oceanarium. It was a place that I had been to on many vacations and numerous times during my childhood. I think my connection and my love of the Coast was what brought me to the ghosts here so they could tell someone, anyone their story.

And that is exactly what she did. Her name I will not disclose. She is a representative of all the hundreds of people who lost their lives. And her story is one of many.I took a nap one afternoon about two weeks after the hurricane. I had a dream about a lady. It was as though she was showing me her story as it unfolded. I could hear her windchimes clinking and I could see out of her kitchen window towards the water. I saw two women. One was younger and a brunette with chin length hair around 45, the other was about 60 and reminded me of an older Paula Deen. I saw images of Marine Life, and the women clinging to boards and the water. The power of the water was amazing. It kept coming. As it filled the room, I saw them from up above. I never heard the words the women were saying. The younger woman was the caretaker. She survived.

Only the sounds of the windchimes. The water continued to fill the room. I remember exactly what she looked like. And feeling her emotions as she realized these were her last moments. She had a peace about her. A calm feeling as she realized that the sea she loved was about to claim her life. And then there was nothing but the surge. I awoke. I went to talk to my mom and she told me the woman I had just described was in the newspaper. She then showed me an article about her. The most memorable part of the article was the last line. "She did not survive the surge." I appreciate that she shared her story with me. I think all she wanted was for someone to hear her story. And I think by hearing it, she helped me heal from the storm.

~ Poohshay ~

A Working Ghost

It was requested of each member of SAPS to write about an experience that we have had involving the paranormal. I have many. Spirits seem to like to me. They always have. They probably always will.

I have a true story. If you choose to believe is completely up to you.

Since I graduated from college in 2005, I have worked in a laboratory setting. You wouldn't normally think of this as a spooky job or a spooky setting. In fact, it is the last place I expected to run into the paranormal.

My first job was in Jackson Mississippi in 2006. I had to come in every other weekend to run tests. It usually took about 30 minutes. The facility required a numerical password for each employee. To gain entry you had 20 seconds to shut the door and enter your code before the sirens would sound and the building would lock itself, with you inside. This was to prevent anyone from stealing the control cultures we had there, since they were of a moderate threat and this was only 4 years after 9/11 so people were picky about who could handle what.

For the first couple of weekends my supervisor came with me to train me on the alarm system. She always looked over her shoulder on the way in and I assumed it was because we were in a semi-dangerous part of the city. After a week or so, she told me just to ignore the sounds that I would hear soon when I was by myself. "It was the machines." I found this odd. Normally, the scientific community are pretty closed-mouthed about ghosts and the paranormal.

So I began coming in on weekends. By myself. The first two weeks were very quiet. No sounds. No bumps. Nothing. Shortly though the sounds began. As for the machines, they were all off. I checked them to be sure. My samples did not require that ANY machine be on during the entire process. But the building began to come alive with the sounds of machines clicking. Slowly at first. Then more and more as the weeks past.

My section of the lab had no windows (to protect against light or wind) and the work space counter required that I have my back to the only opening into the lab.On more than one occasion, I heard the sounds of someone pushing the carts we used to carry our supplies. I would hear it roll all the way down the hall and then stop right behind me. They had a very unique sound. The first time it happened, I thought another lab employee had come in. I wasn't even worried because it sounded so real. As I got ready to leave I saw that all of the rooms were dark, there was no one there. Just to be sure, the first time this happened, I checked with everyone the following Monday. No one had been in the lab. But they all told me that this happened to everyone there and it was like the building had its own energy, I am assuming residual. I seldom ever went in when it was quiet.

After a while I learned to expect the sounds of people working who were not actually there. I miss my weekend ghosts. It was so entertaining to hear them. It gave me the feeling that they were working away and I was in their time, not the other way around...

~ Poohshay ~