Monday, July 14, 2008

Making Progress

Hey SAPS team and loyal internet reader(s). 

Exciting news (sort of). 
We got our first comment!
So somebody out there read this blog. I'm sure it was one of you guys but as it was unsigned, I don't know our loyal reader. I have heard word of mouth that someone has read this and received an email telling me that someone checked this out so I'm excited to say we're making progress towards where we want to be. 
I haven't really planned what I'm gonna do this week on the blog, but believe me, you'll be the first to know. So keep checking the SAPS blog loyal reader and discover what we're up to!
I'm thinking about finding a couple more haunted houses to investigate as well as looking into equipment we need for investigations. I'll probably keep posting stuff as I get bored (which is a LOT). 
So keep reading and commenting!

Until next time,
Keep your eyes open and look for what is out there



Anonymous said...

I am so excited! We have got to have a ghost hunt soon! H.

Anonymous said...

How about some info on the team members? Can do that? Just a thought. It looks really good!! Auntie A