Saturday, July 5, 2008

Opening Blog

Hi everyone out there,
If you've stumbled across this site, you've arrived at what is now the web identity of the Southern Area Paranormal Society. As a brief introduction, my name is Joey and right now I'm the web manager (I started the blog) and will be tech manager of SAPS. We are a group that investigates accounts of paranormal activity in the Mississippi area. We are based in southwest Mississippi but have members all over the South (Virginia and Texas). As of right now, we are mostly a family group, but are looking to attract more interest in our community and around Mississippi. I've started this blog from my gmail account but depending on how things go we may set up our own gmail account. I'm pretty new to hosting a blog, so I'll get some help with that. I'll talk later about what kind of things we're looking for, as well as our members. I'd even like to have some of them post blogs to this blog at some point in the future. As my main goal was establishing this, I'll sign off here and hopefully some point this week update the blog with info as well as getting some aesthetically pleasing things.
Look for updates and keep your eyes open for what is out there!

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Anonymous said...

The blog looks good!