Friday, July 11, 2008

A Couple of Investigatory Places

Hey SAPS team, 
I thought I'd post a couple of places that I'd love to investigate. They are both located in south Mississippi and are both said to be haunted. 
Here is the first:
Kings Tavern, Natchez, MS

This is one of the closest haunts to our headquarters. Most of us know the stories of the hauntings but for those of you who don't, basically they hear a baby crying in empty rooms and there is a mischievous intelligent haunt that drops things and messes with people supposedly named Madeline (spelling in question). She is supposed to be a waitress that had an affair with Mr. King of the Tavern's name that Mrs. King didn't approve of. She disappeared and may be one of the bodies found in the chimney in the 1930s. For more information, go here:

The second place is in Ellisville, where my grandparents live.

The Amos Deason House, Ellisville, MS

I've actually been here and it is kinda creepy, especially where the murder occurred. I don't know the story that well, but Newt Knight was a Confederate deserter and oppositionist who led a band of thieves and hid out in the swamps of Jones County. Basically the Confederates sent a man out to kill him, Major Amos McLemore. McLemore nearly caught Knight a couple of times, so Knight decided he had to be offed. So he sneaks up to the Deason house (above), where McLemore was in the middle of the night. McLemore is sitting by the fireplace, Knight comes up behind him in the window and shoots him. Supposedly there was a blood stain on the floor that no matter how much they scrubbed, they could not remove. Also, supposedly on the anniversary of the death, the door flies open. I've also heard that the grandchildren of the people who used to own the house have heard footsteps in the bedroom (previously sitting room) where McLemore was killed. More information can be found here:

Feel free to suggest more places for potential investigation, and I'll try to look up information on each of those places. As always, please leave a comment if you read to let me know my time is worth it. 

Until next time,
Keep your eyes open and look for what is out there


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