Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cousin's Ghost

This picture has always been one of my favorite ghost pictures. There appears to be at least three ghosts in it. Each one appears to have a head. The one on the far right appears to have a mouth and eyes. It also looks like it is coming between us instead of in front or behind where we are standing. I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THIS PICTURE HAS NOT BEEN TOUCHED OR ALTERED IN ANYWAY! I still have the actual film it was developed from and the objects are on it as well. What is fascinating is that M.P was hitting me on the leg and I was slapping away her hand. She did it the first time as we were horsing around. It would make a spark each time she did it and shocked us both. I was wearing wind suit pants. I don't know if that created an electricity that the spirits could use or how it worked exactly, but when the pictures were developed, there they were. We had no idea at the time they were present. The before and after shots did not have anything on them. Also, my mom was NOT smoking when this was taken. So it wasn't smoke. The orange on the far right IS her finger as she took the picture and isn't anything paranormal. But the other, well, you decide. This was taken around the years of 1999-2000 (I THINK).


Stewart said...

Where was this taken?

grannybitch said...

Photo was taken in the living room (camera facing the dining room) of grannybitch's house.