Friday, July 16, 2010

Maria Del Rey Condos, Biloxi Beach, MS

Hurricane Katrina did not take the Maria Del Rey condo building in Biloxi down but it did close it and it has remained frozen in time since the day of the storm. The building still has drapes and furniture inside. Located across the street from the beach it stand in silence with a few broken windows and the once landscaped ground is now over grown and neglected. Reports say that the storm damaged the roof and for five years water has drifted down the thirteen floors, molding and rotting the interior. The lower parking area under the building were gutted by the surge that washed through it taking out wiring, utilities, insulation and the elevators system. It is one of the few remaining buildings left standing that bears the large X spray painted on it that indicates the search that was made after the storm.
While driving by recently my daughter and I spotted what we though were workers on top of the building. We stopped to look, thinking that workers were beginning to renovate the huge building. After we stopped we did not see the figures on top again and chalked it up to a trick of the eye. While there were decided to snap a few pictures of the gutted area under the building. When we checked the pictures we found what appears to be a figure walking away from the building wearing a shawl or some kind of cover over it's head with an orange colored long skirt below that. The Condo is enclosed by a six foot fence and is locked. This figure was not seen when the photo was taken. The figures is the correct height for a human.
This photo below is not nearly as clear, but I thought it deserved to be shown. It appears to be a dark figure wearing a hat leaned against the building. It was not seen with the naked eye. You may form your own conclusions about what it is. The old building is definitely a spooky place that possible holds onto the day that Katrina emptied it of life and activity. At least the kind that it used to know.

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The name of this building is "Santa Maria del Mar;" not "Maria del Rey" and it was a retirement home run by The Catholic Diocese of Biloxi. I point this out because something significant happened here that spawned another paranormal story that has no connection to this property but rather the event. Here's a link to the event: