Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ghostly Figures

When we took the pictures on this trip we made sure that no other visitors were in the photo. When I saw this one I thought we had caught some one on the levee walkway by the river. But in the other picture taken seconds after this one there were no people. This photo is one that to me becomes clearer as it was enlarged. There was no break in the trees in this section of the walkway and absolutely no one there. The first picture shows what looks like an adult woman with a child in front of her. The second picture shows what appears to be a woman in a grey dress complete with a hat and a small boy walking in front of her. The first photo was taken about 100 yards away.

Photos by H. Murray


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One of the best photo's I have seen of the paranormal. Enjoy the blog.

Anonymous said...

Great shot! Is there a history of a woman and a child who lived here or died here?